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About Us is the only Auction site dedicated to our (The "Enthusiast") cause.
No "57 Chevy Parking Only" signs to sift through. No Matchbox Cars or Corvette Barbies.
Just cars and parts...period.

Elderly Iron is the politically correct term for "that old car" (truck, tractor, etc.) Too often we see these relics of American ingenuity rotting away in fields and woods, and, dare we say it even the placed the jaws of the crusher! Enthusiasts like us need a place to show what we know is available, or what we need. The World Wide Web has made the way for people to ask about or tell about the many remaining relics whose remains offer a restorable glimpse into the past, or the hope of a ressurection of one of its counterparts.

SOMEONE out there SOMEWHERE has what you're looking for, and someone is looking for what you have.

We strive to keep our fees simple and reasonable, and keep our need of advertisers to a minimum. As time goes on, you will likely see changes that make this site even better. Your input is valuable to achieving our goal of being the best Auction and Classified site for every description of "Elderly Iron".


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Elderly Iron

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