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Terms and Conditions

Elderly will never ask you for your credit card information.

It is NOT required for registration, and is unavailable for payments! (We don't even accept them at this time!) cannot and will not be held responsible for End Users providing a Proof of Ownership. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller to acquire Proof of Ownership, or that the seller is a legal representative of the documented owner. Elderly Iron does not guarantee a sale.

By registering and/or using this website, you consent to the Term & Conditions on this page.


For the purposes of this contract, shall be known as the “Provider” and any person, group or organization utilizing the Providers site and services shall be know as the “End User”. Elderly only provides global marketing space for End Users to market their respective products. in no way represents either Buyer or Seller unless explicitly stated in the ads in which actually owns the item(s) for sale.



This portion of the Providers site is intended for the sale space of vehicles, including Tractors and Farm Implements, and their respective parts, accessories and Service Manuals from 20 years and older ONLY! Parking signs, embroidered fender covers, wall clocks and any other such non-vehicle items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Part of the reason for this site is to eliminate such frivolities. Any such listing placed in the AUCTION section will be immediately removed at the sole discretion of the Provider
WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT OR CREDIT to the account of the End User.
Persistent violation of this rule will result in termination of the end users account.


This portion of the Providers site is intended for the seeking of site related vehicles and parts by the End User. Any and all unrelated material placed on the Providers site is subject to approval and or removal at the sole discretion of the provider. This space is for vehicles and parts only! Personal, Political, and non site-related listings and links are strictly prohibited! Any such listing placed in the WANTED ADS section will be immediately removed at the sole discretion of the Provider.
FURTHERMORE, The account of that End User will be terminated along with listings in any other section of the Providers site WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT.

SITE LINKS: will in no way be held liable for any damages incurred by the End User as a result of their contact or business with those whose links are available on the Providers site. As such, your agreement to the Terms & Conditions set herein releases the provider from all such claims arising from your purchase or interaction of third-party supplied products and services. This includes, but is not limited to, ads placed in the Providers “Auction”, “Classified” and “Wanted Ads” sections, as well as Banner Ad parties.

OWNERSHIP AND PERMISSION is provides global marketing space for personal and commercial use. The materials on this site are the property of and its respective advertisers, and are protected by U.S., other copyright laws. Except as explicitly provided in this agreement, you may not reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, display, or otherwise exploit any of the materials on this site. You may on occasion print or display a single copy of any page on the site for your personal, non-commercial use, but you may not otherwise reproduce any material including, but not limited to, any logo, service mark or trademark appearing on the Providers site without prior written consent from You may not store any significant portion of, nor distribute copies of, materials found on this site, in any form without prior written consent from Requests for permission must be written and sent to;

Elderly Iron

PO Box 302

Selma, Oregon 97538.

VEHICLE TITLES or PROOF OF OWNERSHIP cannot and will not be held responsible for End Users providing a Proof of Ownership. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller to acquire Proof of Ownership, or that the seller is a legal representative of the documented owner.

We recommend that ALL End Users request Proof of Ownership before any exchange of monies!!!


By submitting material and information to, you are representing that you are the owner of all rights to the material, information and the copyright and trademarks thereof, or are making your submission with the explicit consent of the copyright and/or trademark holder. By submitting material, you hereby permanently grant the Provider all rights to the material and information, including the right to publish it commercially, and to maintain the material in an archive.


As with any other website or method of advertising, the Provider cannot be held liable for any actions that arise as a result of tampering from sources within or without, or from misinformation supplied to the Provider from its advertisers and End Users. If you rely on this website or any information, product or service available through this website, you do so at your own risk. You understand that there may be delays, omissions, interruptions, inaccuracies, and/or other problems with the information, products, and services published or promoted on this site. As the Provider is only a relay of information given to it from its End Users, and its affiliates, agents and licensors, cannot and do not warrant the accuracy, disclosure, availability of product, price quotations, (with the exception of providing a record of advertised price or final auction price) merchantability, or condition of product through this website. The Provider does not and cannot guarantee that the website will be error free, or continuously available, or that the website will be free of viruses or other harmful components. The Provider or its affiliates, agents, licensors or owners shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any damages arising out of your use of this website or any product or service linked to, from or advertised or promoted on this website.
In the event of site or hosting downtime, the Provider will make every reasonable effort to provide service or credit to the End Users account equal to the duration of time that the End Users paid listing was not available on the Providers site.
User agrees that any and all Legal Actions for, or against this site will take place in the jurisdiction of Joshephine County, Oregon.


Policy and Terms & Condition changes and site improvements inevitably take place. By continuing to use this website following our posting of such changes, you agree to be bound by this agreement, as modified. The Provider may change or suspend any section of this site at any time. Despite our efforts to provide useful and accurate information, errors may occur. The End User (Buyer or Seller) is responsible for communicating all necessary information regarding products or services published on the Providers site. We respectfully request that you bring to our attention any material on our site that you believe to be inaccurate or objectionable. Forward any such material by clicking here or any of the other email links on our site.


By placing a listing on this site, you agree to use respondents email addresses only for the purpose of communicating with them about a potential sale of that listing. By using this website, you agree to not use information concerning other End Users, vehicles, items listed or searched for on this website (including but not limited to, listing information, user names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and/or other information), for any purpose other than to explore the potential purchase or sale of a listed vehicle or item.
Registrants who accounts appear to be collecting information will be terminated WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT.

Oregon State Law does not require Licensing of Auctioneers.

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